AvTec Interiors near Tyler Pounds Regional Airport offers a variety of services, ranging from soundproofing and entertainment systems, to custom finishing and complete interior refurbishing of aircrafts. We offer an extensive variety of leather, vinyl, fabric, carpet and woods to choose from, and all of our materials have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

We ensure top quality in everything we do. Our master cabinet builder has over 25 years of experience in custom cabinetry, while our head upholstery specialist has over 15 years of experience. Our head inspector also has over 42 years of experience. All of our specialists are highly qualified in their fields and this results in the very finest custom aircraft interiors.

We offer all of the following aircraft services and ensure quality and precision in each:

  • Interior Refurbishing of Aircraft
  • Interior Design and Fabrication
  • Exquisite Cabinetry
  • Plush Upholstery
  • Lighting Systems
  • Custom Finishing
  • Entertainment Systems for Aircraft
  • Plating
  • Soundproofing
  • Instrument Panel Finishing
  • In-flight Entertainment
  • Cabin Management Systems
  • Panel Covering